About Us

Regan Hunt


Cool Champs Heating & Cooling

License # TACLB00112361E

In 2012, I was an aspiring UT engineer and that summer, my parents AC went out. My mom paid almost $800 to have her residential AC looked at and recharged. Little did I know, but that was the best money spent because it was the beginning of Cool Champs, Inc.

Several years later, one of my best friends had his first child and conveniently, his AC quit.  On a hot July day, his wife answered the door drenched in sweat, holding a months-old infant in her arms. The estimate they had gotten was $600-$700 for the replacement of a $30 part…

That’s when Cool Champs, Inc. truly took shape. That day, our mission was formed, “Bettering Austin through fair pricing and excellent service.


Our Mission

Cool Champs, Inc. began with the price gouging of my family and friends by HVAC companies here in Austin. This made me realize that much of what occurs in the HVAC business is opaque and difficult to understand. Our mission at Cool Champs, Inc. is to add transparency by providing excellent service and explaining the in’s and out’s of the HVAC industry that my friends and family have received.